"The Miracle of Cognition" annual event for blind and visually impaired children


Camp 2024


We are excited to announce that the thirteenth international camp for blind and visually impaired children, The Miracle of Cognition, will take place 24th-29th of June 2024!

The camp will take place on a campsite Pasaka, address Vydūno str. 2, Kukuliškiai, Klaipėda district. The campsite is located near Klaipėda‘s Giruliai beach, and is surrounded by the fragrant pine forest. The sea is only twenty minutes away on foot through the forest, where it’s always calm, full of fresh air, with the surroundings adapted to the needs of campers.

The theme of this year’s camp is the Year of Lighthouses in Klaipėda. The programme involves many educational activities, acquaintance with the history of Klaipėda region, its lighthouses.
During our time in the camp, we will visit the History Museum of Lithuania Minor, on Ventė Cape. The campers will have an opportunity to hear African drums, to meet the opera’s prima donna Nomeda Kazlaus, to meet the students of Mažeikiai M. Račkauskas gymnasium and see the board game they have created, to participate in the labs of scientific experiments, music, creative workshops, to take part in sport contests and games. During the trip to Ventė Cape, they will learn about the history of the local lighthouse, visit Virginijus Skirkevičius homestead, taste herbal tea. During the trip to Melnaragė lighthouse, its history will be presented by journalist and local historian Denisas Nikitenka. Designer and the author of a fashion catalogue for the blind Rugilė Gumuliauskaitė and social activists Irma Jokštytė-Stanevičienė and Aistė Krušinskaitė will share their success stories.

Like every year, various creative workshops, orientation hike, sports and athletics contest, picnics by the sea, and, of course, fun discos will await the campers. The final chord is foreseen to be in Klaipėda Drama Theatre, where children can “try out” the professional stage. Other pleasant surprises are also awaiting little campers.

We are going to meet friends from Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia again.
We guarantee that all week’s programme of the camp will be full of the best emotions, interesting meetings, sports and creative activities and entertainment!

We are eagerly waiting in the Miracle of Cognition 2024!

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Miracle of Cognition 2023


We are glad to announce that the 12th Miracle of Cognition camp for visually impaired children will take place on June 19-25. The camp will be held at the student recreation camp Raganė, at Monciškės st. 28A, Palanga, Monciškės. The camp is located on the seashore between Palanga and Šventoji. About 10-15 minutes’ walk to the sea, clean dunes, and a pine forest nearby.
The theme of this year`s Miracle of Cognition camp is "Klaipėda region in the labyrinths of history", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Klaipėda region`s annexation to Lithuania. Therefore, there will be many educational activities introducing the history, household, crafts, and old games of the Klaipėda region. And to learn how the revolt of January 15, 1923 happened, we will hold a screening of the film Blizzard near Mēmelis.
During the camp, we will visit the Maritime Museum, the Klaipėda Castle Museum, the Palanga Amber Museum, take a walk around the Palanga Fairytale Park, and go up the observation wheel.
Creative workshops, an orientation hike, a friendship sprint, picnics by the sea and, of course, fun discos await the campers.
We are going to meet with friends from Ukraine, Latvia, and Estonia again.
We guarantee that the entire camp week will be filled with the best emotions, interesting meetings, sporting and creative activities and entertainment!
We are looking forward for you in the Miracle of Cognition 2023 camp!

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The Miracle of Cognition 2022


"The Miracle of Cognition 2022" – this year it was the largest camp for children with eyesight impairments from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine, since the beginning of the project.

For the 11th time, children with eyesight impairments were delighted to join "The Miracle of Cognition 2022" Camp that was organized and managed by Klaipeda Senamiesčio Rotary Club in cooperation with Klaipeda Eyesight Developmental Center and other helpers, supporters, and friends.

Biggest number ever - 88 children, and all of them driven by enthusiasm and motivation gathered at the Camp that took place at the homestead "Gribžė" located in the village of Kvietiniai in Klaipeda district.

We are delighted the 26 participants from Ukraine, that currently are facing the horrors of war, were safely and successfully brought to the Camp. Their trip was sponsored by the Rotary Clubs from Poland (Rotary Club Warszawa Goethe) and Ukraine (Lviv International Rotary Club). 4 campers sponsored by Tallinn Global Rotary Club have arrived from Estonia. Another 4 campers came from Poland, with the help of Rotary Club Warszawa Goethe. The rest of the campers gathered from Lithuania.

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Camp 2021


“The Miracle of Cognition” Camp - a unique project in the Baltic States has finally resumed its activities after being cancelled due to pandemic in 2020. Tenth anniversary camp took place at Giruliai district in June of 2021.

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The presentation of camp “The Miracle of Cognition”


Short video about the camp “The Miracle of Cognition”

(author of the film: Andrius Kundrotas)

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About the camp “The Miracle of Cognition 2019” on local TV news chanel



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“The Miracle of Cognition 2018” LRT TV coverage


Lithuanian national TV coverage of the summer camp for children with vision impairments “The Miracle of Cognition 2018”

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Balticum TV news coverage about the opening of “The Miracle of Cognition 2018”


Balticum TV news coverage about the summer camp for children with vision impairments.

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