"The Miracle of Cognition" annual event for blind and visually impaired children


The Miracle of Cognition 2022

"The Miracle of Cognition 2022" – this year it was the largest camp for children with eyesight impairments from Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine, since the beginning of the project.

For the 11th time, children with eyesight impairments were delighted to join "The Miracle of Cognition 2022" Camp that was organized and managed by Klaipeda Senamiesčio Rotary Club in cooperation with Klaipeda Eyesight Developmental Center and other helpers, supporters, and friends.

Biggest number ever - 88 children, and all of them driven by enthusiasm and motivation gathered at the Camp that took place at the homestead "Gribžė" located in the village of Kvietiniai in Klaipeda district.

We are delighted the 26 participants from Ukraine, that currently are facing the horrors of war, were safely and successfully brought to the Camp. Their trip was sponsored by the Rotary Clubs from Poland (Rotary Club Warszawa Goethe) and Ukraine (Lviv International Rotary Club). 4 campers sponsored by Tallinn Global Rotary Club have arrived from Estonia. Another 4 campers came from Poland, with the help of Rotary Club Warszawa Goethe. The rest of the campers gathered from Lithuania.

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”The Miracle of Cognition” – a camp for children and youth, who suffer from vision impairments. The camp gives the children a unique experience, helps to establish self-confidence and accept the challenges that they might face in the modern world, as well as it inspires to become a full-fledged member of society.

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