"The Miracle of Cognition" annual event for blind and visually impaired children

Camp rules






  1. Valid medical certificate and Identity Document are required for all persons attending the Camp.


  1. Camp members attendance at the Camp Program is mandatory. Be punctual and always attend events at the allocated time. Always wear your yellow scarf!


  1. Camp members are required to comply with the health and safety requirements, which will be introduced to them by the Camp Leaders on the very first day of arrival at the Camp.


  1. Camp members to be ready to dress up according to the weather conditions: have available headwear that could protect from direct sun and overheating, rainwear, casual and sportswear.


  1. Camp members always to comply with basic hygienic requirements: daily shower, brush your teeth in the morning as well as before going to bed, wash your hands before eating and so on.


  1. Camp members must maintain and keep living quarters clean and tidy. Store items in neatly arranged cabinet’s shelves, ventilate rooms regularly, make your bed. Do not keep perishable food in your room.


  1. Camp members are required to follow rules at the canteen: stick to eating schedule, clean your desk after finish eating, place dirty dishes at the designated area. Plates and utensils are the property of the canteen and borrowing them is not allowed.


  1. In case of a health emergency, person must first approach Camp Leaders, who will assist by taking patient to the camp’s Medic Specialist. Camp Leaders are responsible for the patient and will take him to hospital should it be required. Camp members are allowed to use whether drugs mentioned in the consent form issued by legal custodians or medicine prescribed by the medical specialist. It is each person responsibility to follow schedule and regularly use of prescribed medicines.


  1. Camp members must always keep together within the groups whenever on a tours, trips, or other events. Do not leave or separate yourself from the whole group, otherwise you might get lost.


  1. While Camp members are inside of transport mean, they must always keep in line with road transportation rules and regulations: never put your hands or any other part of your body out of the window. Never try to open car’s doors while car is still moving. Never run over the street.


  1. Camp members are allowed to go swimming only when Camp Leaders are present, and only with their permission. Camp members must strictly follow the swimming rules and immediately response to any of the Camp Leaders signals (whistle blowing):
  • short whistle means that the swimming rules were breached. Swimming will be terminated should these rules were breached for the second time.
  • long whistle means that swimming is terminated.


  1. Screaming and yelling is not allowed while playing in the water! Such behaviour normally is considered as a call for help.


  1. Before departure from the camp: each member must take-off the bedding, fold and leave the bedding right on the bed as well as clean the room. It is mandatory for each member to notify Camp Leaders before leaving the Camp.


  1. Camp members including guests and custodians are responsible for their harmful activity and induced harm to other individuals and/or their possessions, and for its consequences.


  1. Camp members supposed to be polite, friendly, and interact with each other in a respectful manner. Avoid being obscene, and abusive.


  1. Custodians of the Camp members should have available contacts of Camp Leaders so to contact them whenever is needed. Mobile phones of all Camp members will be collected and safely kept with Camp Leaders during the whole period of Camping.


  1. Camp Leaders have authority to dismiss any of Camp member from the camp for violation of these rules. Such dismissal will be communicated to their custodians immediately.


  1. Camp members including guests and custodians are to behave themselves in a respectful, responsible, and conscious manner concerning to environment and surrounding nature, and always take care of camp’s equipment and assets in general. Borrowing and move of any camp’s equipment is allowed with Camp Leaders permission only.



 Everyone involved into “The Miracle of Cognition” Camp is subjected to these Terms & Conditions.

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