“The Miracle of Cognition” – annual event for blind and visually impaired children

Goals and objectives

The goals of the project:

  1. To improve and broaden the opportunities of informal education for the youngsters of age from 8 to 16 affected by vision impairments.
  2. To fulfill their exploratory and self-expressive needs.
  3. To create the environment and opportunities for youngsters to exposure to new experiences so increasing their busyness.
  4. To encourage children to be active and feel equal members of society.
  5. To decrease chance of suicide by motivating children to be open and communicative to loved ones, friends and enjoy society, and teach them by all means to avoid keeping negative feelings to themselves.
  6. To develop international fellowship between children and motivate them learning of foreign languages.

The objectives of the project:

  1. To develop skills and abilities of self-support and independence.
  2. Provide tiflological and psychological support and counselling to parents or custodians of the children with vision impairments.
  3. Bring together those who willing to help and provide mutual support to parents, who are raising a blind, visually impaired child or a child, who suffers from complex disabilities.
  4. To organize trips, tours, creative workshops, evening events.

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General sponsor:
Rotary fondas
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Media partners:
Balticum TV
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Monika Pundziūtė (MONIQUE)

Laima Glaveckienė, Camp leader and director of the school for visualy impaired children
Regina Bytautienė, leader of the social development section
Virginija Paplauskienė, medic
Laima Bukauskaitė, teacher in tiflology
Roma Jokubaitienė, teacher in tiflology
Zita Jakienė, gym class teacher
Ina Mažeikienė, teacher in tiflology
Loreta Aukštuolienė, teacher of artistic development
Rita Razmienė, teacher in ceramic arts
Juratė Šatkutė, artistic development educator (arts)
Birutė Bartkienė, teacher in tiflology